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living in morocco [Sep. 20th, 2007|09:11 am]
Friends, lovers, and residents of Morocco


I am an Australian woman, and I plan to live in Morocco for a few months. I have taken one year off of work, and my base will be Marrakech from the first week of October 2007. I have a couple of friends, but would love to know if any English speakers are living in Marrakech, and would like to meet up. I'd love to hear from anybody in Morocco, in fact, as travel within the country is also an option for me.

From: (Anonymous)
2007-10-14 02:29 am (UTC)


hello i come to see your message and your welcom in morocco and hope you will enjoy your few months in my coutry so i you want a friend from morocco i will be gr8t this is my email amine978@hotmail.com and this is my number phone (+212)065037051 my name is ameen
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